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Nihon-to / Islamic / Ethnographic Sword Collectors;

We do not publish lists of the worldwide swords we have access to here. We act as confidential agents for collectors wishing to sell some or all of their antique edged weapons. If you are a specific type or category of sword, try us out, tell us what it is specifically you desire and we will provide details of any sellers on out books that can perhaps offer you something of interest. We have access to Japanese katanas to US Civil War swords to Ethnographic and Islamic sabres, plus keris, shamshirs, shaskas, tulwars and more. Go on, give us a try; email us here describing what you are looking for, including condition (please do not specify a price).

Do you have an antique sword for sale?

If you are either a) simply looking to sell an antique sword, or b) have a antique sword collection you wish to sell, perhaps confidentially, please email us.